Friday, July 31, 2009

Hair bumps

In June, I got together with three writer friends in my Whidbey MFA program. As we hung out and rehashed the semester, I noticed our hair varied to match our personalities. KD's hair is sculpted and short, an echo of the succinct word choice of the hard-core poet. JB had wash-and-wear hair, the clean assurance of the capable, practical mother. To underscore the point, she bounced her newborn in her arms. EB's hair is long, and she'd wound it up in an Raphael-esque curlicue behind her head (she's a painter, too). As for me, I'd sprung for the pampered foil and sassy cut, then let my hair do its own thing. Once again, putting it out to the universe.

Naturally, at one point we landed on the topic of my hairpisodes blog. Someone asked if I'd done a hairpisode on those little thingies that bump your hair up. We'd all seen the commercial. Just thinking about it made us laugh like the guest audience on Ellen, but we were still confused.

"What is the goal here?" KD asked, setting her glasses farther up the bridge of her nose. "To look taller? To show a smarter DNA than a person without one?"

A week later, I got a nondescript brown package in the mail. When I opened it I discovered a little prize. My very own "Bumpits." Big Happie Hair. EB up to her mischief again.

I admit it took me forever to actually try them out. Finally tonight I forced myself to spend a few moments primping and preening, and voila! The results are before you. Don't you think it has that je ne sais quoi? Thanks, EB.