Monday, June 18, 2012

Shear Madness at the Moore

For Christmas each year, Jo and I give each other an outing -- the opera, a play, a concert. Mid-June rolls around, and I still haven't made good on her gift.

"Want to see Shear Madness?" I asked Jo last week. "It's playing at the Moore."

"Definitely," Jo said. "You'll love it!"

"You've seen it before?"

"Of course, it was around when I lived in Boston thirty years ago. I knew some of the principal actors back then. It's great fun."

"Is it a musical?" (The title Shear Madness was all it took to grab me. If it's about hair, it has to be good, right?)

"Really, you've never heard of it? It's a murder mystery. The audience gets to participate."

We went on Sunday (I dragged along the rest of the family, too), and what a treat! Shear Madness--"the longest running comedy in American theater history"--slathers, tickles, crimps and snips its way through an evening of uproarious whodunit. In the version at the Moore Theater through June 24, Michael Kevin Baldwin (Tony Whitcomb) overdoes his hilarious role (and hair products) to perfection. The entire cast is deliciously guilty, and the script is up-to-date (beware a few groaners).

It is great fun. Don't miss it!