Tuesday, June 18, 2013

About long hair

Thanks to Katie Hines for contributing this month's hairpisode.

For me, long hair is easy. I wash it, I sometimes brush it, I let it do pretty much what it wants during the day and own whatever it decides. French braiding keeps it off my face but isn't hard on it. I have little twisties from Target that look like springy-bobby pins. They're great - they don't pull my hair out, but keep it tucked up tightly.

Too many people want the hair they don't have. I don't understand why people perm their hair or flat-iron it daily. It's expensive, time-consuming, it's really hard on hair, and you have to re-do it all the time. Blech...no thanks.

Hair is incredibly important for some women and it's definitely a noticeable attribute. Think about times you've described a woman to another person. One of the first things you mention is the way she wears her hair. Some women change their hair all the time and some, like my aunt, have had the same hair-style since the age of 10. (Hers is bad, it's always been bad.)

As for men, my man-friend loves my long hair. One thing I've heard him say many times is, "Men who are attracted to 100-pound women with no hips and short hair don't really like women--they like 12-year-old boys, because that's what they look like." From my experience, men love the long hair. They like to touch it, they like the way if feels when it lightly grazes their skin, and they're always in awe at the cool things you can do with it.

Why it sucks: Long haired people don't shed more than those with short hair, but you notice it more. Since it ends up in my towel when I shower, I have to use two towels so I don't get long hairs stuck to random parts of my body. Sometimes, if my hair is down, an end will get stuck in the top of the back of my pants and tickle my lower back/upper butt. When I pull the offending hair out, it looks like I yanked a 3-foot hair out of my ass. Not cool.