Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mirrors within mirrors

I wasn't in lockstep on the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie like I could have been. I didn't see the movie for a whole week after it was released. Loved it.

But I also had the same eerie experience I did with the first one: as if I was watching mirrors within mirrors. We sit in the theatre, watching the lottery picks from each District slay one another, reacting with adoration and awe just like the Panem spectators. This time, in Catching Fire, the moment Katniss and Peeta rode into the stadium in a chariot, I felt one of those earth-into-space zoom-outs -- what we were seeing on our movie screen was a snapshot glimpse of our own, real-time arena, the "global debut" of these reluctant heroes.

Entertainment reports that in its first weekend alone, Catching Fire was shown overseas in 63 territories, its total worldwide revenues reaching $307.7 million.

Another mirror within a mirror happened in the added scene, not in the book, between President Snow and his granddaughter. Katniss Everdeen is such a phenom in Panem that Snow's granddaughter has taken to wearing her hair in a single braid, just like all her friends in school.

This scene got me wondering if Katniss's hair style is also influencing her adoring movie-watching fans. Certainly, the style and fashion industry is poised to roll out the trend. Here are just a few links:

InStyle (includes hair secrets from the movie set -- did you know? 500 cast members from the movie had their eyebrows bleached!)

The Budget Fashionista - "Danielle Bucco-Regazzi says the hairstyles in [Catching Fire] will influence trends for the next season"

What is Jennifer Lawrence's response? Looks like she doesn't wish to carry that Katniss Everdeen mystique off screen. Ellen DeGeneres claims she's being copied by Lawrence. Judging by these side-by-side images, eh, not so much.