Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Hair of 2013

I've turned into something of a "hair stalker." I was blown away by this woman's hair the other day as we were leaving Costco. She was the "door checker person," and maybe she didn't notice me staring in open-mouthed admiration as she checked the contents of our shopping cart against our receipt. Or maybe she did, and is used to it.

"Didn't you love here hair?" I squealed to Dave as we rolled through the dark parking lot.

"Yeah," he said.

Frantically, I started rummaging through my purse. "I do! I've got my camera right here!"

"C'mon. I want to get going."

"Hang on, please? I'll be right back."

Used to my flights of fancy (insanity?), Dave went on ahead to load the car. I hurried back to the bright, cavernous Costco feeling giddy, and found the door checker momentarily free. I caught her eye.

"Excuse me, I absolutely love your hair. That is so awesome. How did you do that?"

She smiled. "My friend did the rows, and then we washed it with the color, and then as it dried I kinda pulled out the top like this," she said, demonstrating. I nearly swooned.

"Can I take a picture?"

She said yes! Isn't it the coolest?

I wish I'd gotten your name, but Costco door checker, you get my vote for the Best Hair of 2013.