Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hair today, goon tomorrow

On a recent trip to Germany, I stopped in Limburg to see my friend Gudrun. She took me to the Altstadt part of town, the most medieval place I've ever seen. (Check out the little witch on the parapet in the photo on the right.) Eleventh and twelfth century buildings abound here.

So do present-day hair salons. Gudrun and I also popped into a hair salon, since Gudrun had a hair care product she wanted to buy. She wasn't picking up these rainbow-colored delights pictured on the left, but I couldn't resist snapping a photo. These are "feather hair extensions," from a company called Nordic Contrast. It seems this style is equipped with a unique tape on, tape off technique, so extensions can be reused numerous times. Pretty, yes?

Googling to get this information, I happened upon a subject I've been meaning to look into ever since I saw a guy standing outside Sephora in downtown Seattle with "My Little Pony" lashes, blond and elegant, fluttering up on either side of his eyelids well above his eyebrows: Eyelash extensions.

According to the Dina S. Good Salon, eyelash extensions go right along with "hair extensions, permanent makeup, teeth bleaching, feather and hair tinsel ... turning drab into FAB in a very short time!" And they're not talking just any lashes, they're talking REAL MINK lashes (cruelty free, of course, obtained by brushing, then sterilizing the mink's fur).

Sound too good to be true? Buyer beware -- according to Katie at Martinis and Mascara, the eyelash extension treatment has its downsides, including the fact that after a few weeks, as they start to come off, you'll lose a few of your real lashes in the process. So be careful, or the good fairy will turn you into a goon.