Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hair digs

Oh no, he didn't.

It's horrible sitting through toxic meetings where people are hating on each other while pretending civility. It's one thing to disagree in principle, another to get personal.

I have a friend with gorgeous, soft, if somewhat blowsy hair. I love the look of it. At a recent meeting we were attending, she spoke up about wanting a clearer value statement for the organization so she could feel confident spontaneously reciting it to, say, her hairdresser.

"My advice?" said the chair of the board. "Find a new hairdresser."

The woman on my left dropped her jaw at him in disbelief. "Ouch!"

My friend with the gorgeous, blowsy hair could have, probably should have, let the guy have it with an equally hurtful remark, but she didn't engage.

I've seen it often, as I sit in the salon chair getting my hair cut. The stylist at the station next to us finishes with a cut, ceremonially unsnaps the black cape, and sends his client off with a lightness in their step. Some people positively beam.

"Isn't it cool, how happy people are after a haircut?" I said once to my stylist.

"It's true, it's amazing," Jeff said. "I even feel good when I get my hair cut. It's such a huge part of our identity."

My advice? Please. Do not dis the hair.