Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday hair

This week I went for my usual cut and color at Gary Manuel Salon.

"The red still looks good," my stylist Jeff said as I settled in the chair. "Should we add a stripe of green for Christmas?"

"Hey, I definitely should," I laughed.

But honestly, I just couldn't see it. Later, as I sat waiting for my color to set, Micky came over to offer me a hand massage, part of the service.

"What cute hair!" I said.

Micky smiled. "I'm really liking it. Actually, dark hair isn't normally how I wear it. It's my natural color, but I'm just always coloring it, teal or pink or whatever. For my wedding, my mom asked, 'could you please have your normal hair color? Please?'"

"Oh, so you just got married?"

"Mm hm, on Halloween. So I thought, okay, mom, and had dark hair for the wedding. For the pictures and all. Afterward, I was looking at it and actually, I kind of like it dark. But you know I just couldn't leave it alone. So then I decided to do the red and the green. Someone at the studio said 'I really like it, it's sexy candy cane.' I told her I was going to use that." 

Micky stands behind me and looks at us in the mirror. "It's my holiday hair. See, I can I put the color underneath and sort of hide it with the dark hair, or let it show through more, depending. Of course, it won't be like this for long. Pretty soon it'll all be purple or orange again." Micky laughs. "Occupational hazard."