Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hair Recipes, Part I-a

When I see the title "Hair Recipes," I think of recipes with hair in them. Ew.

Are there such things? With all the hair being cut daily around the world, there oughta be. Think of the tonnage going to landfills otherwise. Recycle nation supplies the following data:
The average hair salon collects about 1 pound of discarded hair per day. In the U.S. alone, there are about 300,000 hair salons. That’s 300,000 pounds, or 136 tons of human hair per day, just in the U.S.!
What do they suggest? In addition to a few time-consuming, creepy-looking hair sculpture, clothing, and furniture alternatives, the site notes there is also FertHAIRLizer -- plant fertilizer with hair in it. Hair, it turns out, has a high nitrogen content. According to Recycle Nation:
Consider this stunning fact: about 6-7 pounds of human hair contains 1 pound of nitrogen — as much as 100-200 pounds of cow manure!
I've often wondered about the weed patch just off my deck. It's a shaded spot where you wouldn't expect such healthy dandelions, but it's also where I shake off the hair-clipping-coated towel after I give my son a haircut. Mystery solved. I've been feeding my weeds with nitrogen. And to return to an earlier hair repurposing, there's also using hair to clean up oil spills through Matter of Trust.