Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hair unbalanced

In July, I forgot to schedule a hair appointment until it was too late so my regular stylist wasn't available. The salon suggested Kay, and I went for it.

"What are you looking for today?" Kay asked as I settled tentatively into her chair.

I had experienced moments like this before. Things could go terribly wrong terribly fast.

"I guess just more of the same," I said, surprised by the uncertainty in my voice.

"You know what would look really great on you?" Kay asked. "Just a minute, I'll go get a picture."

Kay seemed really excited as she showed me the photo -- a hip, sharp-looking blonde sporting an asymmetrical haircut, short on one side, long on the other. "You're already headed in this direction, we could totally do this," she said.

"I do need to look good for this conference," I said. "But not like I'm trying to look twenty years younger than I am."

"Oh, I won't overdo it," Kay assured me. "We'll keep it on the moderate side."

I left the salon feeling pretty good about it, but no one said a word to me about it, a sure sign things had gone awry. Except my daughter, about a week later. "Your hair is, like, all auburn and swoopy," she said.

We both laughed. "I know, right?" Worse, it was annoying; the part was so far to the side that my bangs were always in my eyes.

To address this, I pushed my bangs back entirely using a 99-cent head band, so my hair resembled windblown dune grass.

That was enough of that. At my next appointment, I insisted on, and regained, an appearance of symmetry and balance.