Friday, August 31, 2018

Hair Korea

Is there anything different about the way Koreans view their hair? I've been wondering this lately; reason being, I'm off to South Korea for a visit soon, and thinking about how my hair will stack up to Seoulites.

A brief browser search reveals that, yes indeed, hair is a thing in South Korea, and Seoul in particular. The K-Pop Locks site proclaims in all caps: [KOREANS] MAINTAIN THEIR HAIR LIKE THEY DO THEIR LUXURY GOODS. In other words, they nourish their hair and, rather than practicing hair maintenance like most Americans, they practice prevention, including a hair regimen involving scalp massages and bedtime hair masks.

Plus (according to K-Pop Locks), they lead healthier lifestyles with an emphasis on fermented and nutrient-rich foods, and plenty of exercise.

At a website called The Klog, several posts cover K-beauty: The Difference Between American and Korean Hair Products, and The 5-Step Korean Hair Routine that will give you Glossy Hair

Wait, K-beauty? Yup, a new industry term for skin-care products that come from South Korea. It even has its own Wikipedia entry.

And here's something I'm definitely going to try. A scalp massager, which it's said (at can help you relax, reduce tension headaches, sleep better, and if used with oil, help eliminate dandruff.

Aaaahhh. Looks like I'll be coming home with a few new hair products.