Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hair generations

I've been giving some thought to the way hair styles change from generation to generation. One reason being, I'm an archivist for a church history collection that includes photos. Sometimes, those photos have dates listed on them, such as this cutaway from a larger group shot with the caption: "Epworth League 1892."

(The man's hair is just as carefully composed as the women's, don't you think?)

Other times, photos have no dates, but hair (and hats) can be an indicator of the time period. Take, for instance, this undated photo of an audience of young women. 

Judging by the hair and hats, I'm guesstimating this photo was taken sometime in the early 1930s. Why? A browser search of 1930s hairstyles took me to the website Glamour Daze: A Vintage Fashion and Beauty Archive, after I clicked on this image of Jean Arthur, apparently a style-setter back then. If you want to check it out Glamour Daze is fun resource with a timeline of fashion and beauty starting in the first decade of the 20th century and up through the 1960s. 

Speaking of the 1960s, while many girls of that era got to wear flip hair cuts like Jacqueline Kennedy or Elizabeth Montgomery ("Bewitched"), my parents dragged me to the salon for a "Twiggy" style pixie cut. Was I too much of a tom boy to have long tresses? I do remember being very rambunctious, and climbing lots of trees.

Anyhow, between that pixie haircut and the blue cat-eye glasses that were all the rage, I can definitely date this pic of me on the left to 1967. Besides which, there's a date printed on the side of it. This photo was taken on my 10th birthday.