Monday, December 31, 2018

Hair blues

I met my friend Janet Barnes when we worked at an office together in the1990s. Since then we've kept in touch, with holiday letters and on Facebook. She's the mother of two beautiful twin daughters, now young adults, and has a great depth of spirit and delightful sense of humor. I asked her if I could share her recent Facebook post here. You can follow her journey at Janet's blog.

Janet's post on Facebook in early December:

Why is my hair blue, and even shorter? Well, in October I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and have since had a right mastectomy. TMI? too bad... I'm medical and I like information... so here's even more - although the margins around the tumor were good (no missed bits) and the lymph nodes were clear, the grade of the cancer cells was high (very active/aggressive) and the cancer cells were triple negative (no hormone receptors). Sooo… I'll be starting chemo on Monday, for about 20 weeks, just to make sure there aren't any micro-metastases floating around in my body. Uff da!

So I got a fun haircut a few days ago, and added some spray-on color - I figure I may as well have some fun with my hair before it's gone for a while.

This is going to be quite the journey, but I'm going in strong - I just went to boot camp this morning (thanks Karin and Joyce!). Then I went to the hospital later today and got a "Power Port" surgically placed. Kevin has been  my rock solid support. And my peeps are cheering for me.

What can you do for me?  Tag me when you post funny things to Facebook, or cute puppies, or pigs, or little goats ('cuz I love to laugh!). Swear a little on my behalf (since swearing just doesn't come out of my mouth). And donate to your nearest cancer treatment center. NorthStar, here in Yakima, has been marvelous so far ❤️❤️

I'm working on creating a blog -- -- where y'all can keep up to date on my comings and goings. I know there is CaringBridge, but it feels just a little too serious for me, and I need to be goofy sometimes.