Friday, July 31, 2020

Lasting effects of COVID-19

Sheesh, as if we don't have enough to stress about. There are some worrisome considerations when it comes to COVID-19 and our hair. 

Early on during the Coronavirus outbreak, hospitals put out a call for hairnets, because the virus can remain on hair up to 72 hours. That said, as Forbes magazine writer Bruce Y. Lee has pointed out in the May 2020 article "How Long Can The COVID-19 Coronavirus Live On Your Hair?", there are very few ways our hair might come in contact with the virus -- for instance, if someone sneezes or coughs near your head, or pats your head with contaminated hands.

Then, there's this unfortunate development. Aftereffects of becoming ill due to COVID-19 has caused hair loss for some people, even three months after originally contracting the virus.

"'It tends to be in people who have pretty severe cases that we've seen it,' Dr Nate Favini, the medical lead at Forward, ... told Business Insider." [published at]
Sigh. Please do your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Please wear a mask.