Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue-haired girl

Yesterday this blue-haired girl was standing in a parking lot, staring at the side of a building. I walked past, loved how the sun made her hair glow, wished I could take a picture, then remembered I had my camera with me.

"Excuse me, I love your hair. May I take a picture of it?"

"Sure, why not."

"Thank you. So was it hard to do, getting your hair just that shade of blue?"

"No, it came out this color because it was bleached blond when I started. See, some spots came out kind of green."

She turned her head around for me.

"I don't see any green," I said. "So can I ask you, do you do this because you think of your hair as ... an art form?"

"Well, yeah. Actually, I get really bored with my hair, so I like to do different stuff with it. I like to cut it short, make it a bunch of different colors and lengths, grow it out again."

"That part's a little difficult."

"What part?"

"Growing it out again. Unless you get a wig or something."

She shrugged. "Or, hair extensions. You can get these hair extensions at Sally's and sew them in with a special needle. I just did that. But I never do it over here on this side. I always keep this side of my head shaved, it's just what I do."

"So, you would say hair is ...?"

"Hair is really no big deal."

I may have frowned in confusion. "Well, I think you're doing an impressive job on yours."

"Thank you. I do like to make people stare," she said. "But I also am not the kind of person who likes a cut that has to be washed and blow-dried every morning. I have no patience with making it perfect. This, I didn't even comb, I just put the headband on and went out. I dyed it four days ago and haven't washed it yet."

I could tell she was wondering if this last comment would disturb me. It didn't. I went on my way, spirits buoyed merely by standing amid the radiance.

DIY blue-haired girl is fine by me.